Tuesday, 7 August 2012

WIA and ate and ate and ate W

This past week, I have been eating like it's my job.  I have just been SO DARN HANGRY and I don't know why.  Buuuut I've been super dizzy at the same time so maybe that has something to do with it?

I could just lie to all of you guys and say that I never over eat, but that would just be a load of bull.  I'm human, I'm still struggling to find a healthy balance, and I feel as though that's okay.  It's all a learning game, right?

But it does seem to be a vicious cycle.  The more I over eat, the worse I feel about myself, and the worse I feel, the more I want to over eat.  I usually snap out of it before too long, but every time I go into this cycle, I fear that I am going to lose total control.  More about all of these food related issues I have in a later post though ...

Anyways, heres some of my recent eats. 

Note: This is not what I ate in one day, but rather a collection of things I have eaten throughout this week


As for summer staples? FRUIT! I can't get enough of it. Plus, it's a great way to cool down from the [lack of] heat [since Vancouver doesn't know how to go above 30 degrees] 

And thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW! I've found SO MANY new food bloggers to read through their WIAW posts. 

That's it for the food portion ...

Now onto another favorite of mine: dogs.  We just got a new foster dog yesterday, her name is Tira, after the dessert Tiramisu. 

Her story:

Her owner was an elderly Italian man (hence her name) who lived alone.  One day, he got terribly sick and went into hospital.  He stayed in there for 10 days.  During that time, she was left alone in his house, with no food/water.  She ended up drinking from the toilet bowl, and scrounging for what kibble she could find.  After 10 days, she was discovered, and taken care of.  The elderly man came home, and everything was good for a while.  A little while later, he became ill and was unable to leave the house or call for help, so for another 10 days, they were both stranded in the house.  Unfortunately, the man passed away.  Tira was then taken in by the daughter, but it was soon realized it wouldn't work out, and that's how she came to us. 

Due to this, she has developed some abandonment issues, but this doesn't stop her from being a sweet, active, and playful dog.   

This story makes me realize how simple it can be for someone living alone to have something happen to them, and go un noticed.  *Shiver*

Onto a brighter note, I went downtown to see the fireworks, and thought that the fireworks would make a beautiful background for a picture. 

This is what happened ...

Maybe not profile picture material?


I promise you I am not under the influence. 

There we go, a lil better .. still not great. 

Anywhoooo ... hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!

Question of the day: Are you a dog person or a cat person?
I have no choice, due to my cat allergy, I am automatically a dog person.  They truly are a [wo]man's best friend. 


Do you ever get into vicious cycles with food? How do you break out of them?!


  1. Hey, you forgot to formally give credit to the AMAZING photographer who took those photos at the fireworks!

    ...Just kidding, *whoever* that was wouldn't want credit for them anyways.

  2. I COMPLETELY relate to what you said about the vicious cycle! You overeat and then you feel like crap for doing so and all that stress and anxiety causes you to overeat again...such a tough cycle to get out of. All the pictures of your eats had my mouth watering :)

  3. Your day of food looks like something I could eat! Tira looks like a sweetheart, how sad for her and her former owner. My husband is a cat person and converted me. I would love to have a dog, just for those times when you're all by yourself in the house and need some extra security. But I love that cats are independent, they use a litter box, leave me presents (mice, snakes, etc.) and don't take up much space...except on the bed, then they grow to five times their size. :)