Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIAW Snacky Tooth

For today's What I Ate Wednesday [Tuesday], I actually have a FULL day of eats to show you! So proud of myself.  Yesterday I wasn't feeling to great, so I decided to take a rest day, and not do my morning walk.  Somedays, we just need a break.  For me, I find taking a break difficult because I have this fear that I will just spiral downhill and end up sitting on the couch all day everyday.  Thankfully, I can say that today I am back in business, so I worried for nothing.  

This weeks WIAW is focused around sensible snacking.  I seem to be awesome with my choices during the day, but at night my snacking tooth gets the best of me.  My snack of choice? Dates dipped in nut butter.  It's deadly.  Honestly, I discovered the combo last summer and packed on some seriously unwanted pounds because of the quantities in which I ate it.  I try to stay away from this snack all together for now, but sometimes I swear the dates are calling my name. 


I prepped myself a nice little breakfast.  What you see here is Tofu Faux French Toast.  I got the recipe idea when I was browsing Peas and Crayons, and since I had a brick of tofu sitting in my fridge, I decided to give it a go.  Let me tell you, this is SO GOOD! If you like tofu, give it a try.  I differed from the recipe a lot, considering we don't have eggs in the house, but it was still amazing. I ate a big ol' bunch of strawberries on the side, which were perfectly ripe.  $1 for a big container of them? Yes please!

Then because I like a lot of volume when I eat, I finished off the meal with some grapes.  Perfect and crispy.  

Since I have a feeling coffee has been triggering some unwanted panic attacks in me, I've decided to switch to tea for now.  Bring on the Almond milk. 


I ended up being out of the house when lunch time rolled around, so my lunch looked more snack like.  Also, I woke up at 11 yesterday so my lunch was my breakfast really.  This apple and clif bar held me over really well.  I loooove me some peanut butter and chocolate.  

My mom bought this bag of Potato Puffs, and even for someone who despises most chips, I can say they were pretty darn good. The reminded me of pop chips.  Plus the nutrition stats are awesome! 280 calories ish for the whole bag? Score! 


Dinner came in the form of a vege roast.  I tossed zucchini, kale, and brusell sprouts in olive oil, and roasted them at 400 for half an hour.  Them I add some spaghetti squash and ground turkey, and topped it all off with paprika.  Yum in a bowl.  

On the side I enjoyed some sweet potato wedges with coconut butter. Omg if you like Peanut Butter and sweet potatoes you will ADORE this combo.  I've been missing out big time.  


As I've said before, my snacky tooth for sure gets the best of my at night.  Tonight, I had greek yogurt with blueberries and cocoa. 

Then that turned into frozen bananas with cocoa ... 

Which turned into molasses oats in an almost empty peanut butter jar.  I have seen so many bloggers eating OIAJ and I needed to jump on the band wagon.  OMG I'm glad I did, so dellish! The warm oats made the peanut butter all melty and scrumptious.  

Pair that with a few more grapes and you have a whole day of eats.  I definitely love to eat more at night. I know it may be because I don't eat as much during the day, but personally I just love night eating.  When I tend to eat more during the day, I feel deprived at night.  This style of eating works for me, but it's not for everyone. 

Question of the day

Do you prefer to eating more earlier or later in the day? 


  1. I prefer to eat earlier. The faux french toast looks yummy and Clif bars are one of my favorites.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    1. Yeah Clif Bars are such lifesavers on busy days!

  2. Wow, I can't believe those chip things had only 11 ingredients.... and none of them were unpronounceable chemicals... nice find, mama bunnage :)