Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The End isn't Near, it's Here

So it's [not yet since I haven't officially crossed the stage yet] official, I have graduated high school.  What an amazing [anxiety ridden] experience.  Grade 12, by far, has been my favorite year.  I met some amazing people who I hope are in my life for a good time to come.

The above was part of my internship this summer; I'm attending events/photoshoots to see what goes on behind the scenes of a mall.  I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity.  I got it through a blogging competition, so I suppose it all goes hand in hand.  I had a blast helping out with this videoshoot.  I was DROOLING over all the makeup [all from Sephora].


This is just a smidgen of all the clothes.  I was in heaven.

Now onto my eats ...

I was about to gobble this slice of banana up, but as I was about to do so, I noticed it resembled a smiley face. How cute is this! I love it when my food smiles back at me. 

I apoligize for the grossness/half eateness but it was just so delish! Oats cooked with cocoa, vanilla, almond milk, and a little salt.  Then topped with PB.  I swear it was a PB cup in oat form.

Me wearing my new favorite lipstick.  It's from the Revlon matte collection.  I bought it for grad, but decided I loved it so much, why not wear it for everyday life, right? Am I the only one who is wary of wearing such a bright colour? I'm afraid I'll look to dressed up.  Oh well, I bit the bullet and wore it anyways.

So this is what I call my work. Haha after I did this to my face all the little muchkins wanted a cat nose and whiskers; I should have thought that one through. 

I will never, ever get sick of this meal.  The salad has salad mix, edamame, black beans, candied walnuts, dates, tomatoes, ginger, and an apple miso dressing.  It's served with braised cabbage, avocado, salsa, and blackened chicken. Nutritious and delicious ;)

The food at grad was SPECTACULAR! It was like whole foods came and delivered.  I got a squash salad, green beens with shallots, salmon, a rye roll, salad, and potato salad.  So good, and from talking to the chef, it was all [mostly] local!

And for dessert? Haha some of my friends despise this gum, but I find it to be pretty darn tasty! What do you guys think of it? For me, it's still definitely gum, NOT DESSERT! Gimme the ice cream! But if you want to freshen your breath, it's for sure a good flavour.  It doesn't really taste like chocolate, just overly sweet mint gum? That's the only way I cant describe it.  I think I may have to try the other flavours now!

Well that's it, can't wait to check out everyone else's WIAW on Jenn's page! 

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